New ideas are a churning…


The ideas are a coming, a churning, a floating around in my mind. I have many pics to take ideas from, many stories I once wrote that I could re-write into something better. All will be revealed across the next few months, a little bit at a time, as per usual, you’ll just have to wait and see…



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Plans for the year ahead!

Every year since I’ve been writing, I’ve had plans. Plans for stories I’m going to write, titles that jump out at me, sentences, words etc that inspire something, all in a list of things to write every year.


And so, I’m going to tell you of my plans for 2018.


– 1.1 – Get three stories written up, typed up, edited and out along with an anthology of five short stories. Thank God I’ve already done the e-covers.


– 1.2 – Release all four in the second half of the year.


– 2.1 – Get the paperback version of last year’s stories (Bones 3) done professionally, and it will be out before this year’s new stories.


– 2.2 – I am also updating the first two Bones pbs and will release them under a book imprint during the year.


Not a lot of plans, but considering everything else I do in my life, I’m surprised I even manage to get these done. No clues as to what I’m writing, or even pics of covers, but they will be released through the year as sneaky peeks, so stay tuned.


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New Years Is Here…


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Christmas is coming…


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The Bones Of Wrath is now available for sale

Ghosts; souls of the deceased who don’t believe they are dead

Ghosts of Op Shops Past: Michelle is being made to volunteer at the local op shop by her mother. She meets the other volunteers, has encounters with weird people, and finds an amazing sequinned jacket. But when it’s time to go and say goodbye she discovers that some of those volunteers don’t actually exist…

Ghosts on a Plane: Sarah and her brother Pete are winging their way to London for a European holiday. It starts off with the pilot telling everyone to say hello to the ghost on board which they excitedly go in search of, only to discover there’s more than one…

Ghostwriter: Sam West inherits a creaky old typewriter from his grandmother when she passes. After it’s cleaned and fixed up he decides to use it, after all, he’s wanted to be a writer for years and had told his grandma all about it. But when the typewriter types by itself and leaves messages for him, especially one very bad one, Sam realises it’s not such a cool thing to inherit after all.

The Ghosts of Heartland Hospital: The brand new Heartland Hospital is open for business, and Tommy Ward is front and centre as one of its new patients. Being in hospital is nothing new for Tommy, he breaks a lot of bones and gets into a lot of scrapes. But when the kids in his room are taken away to the “mental health” ward and don’t come back, Tommy goes in search of the story of Heartland only to discover the hospital is not so new after all…

Ghosts in the Shadows: Michael and his class are spending the week before Christmas at Camp Shadows Lake, where they swim, canoe, and roast marshmallows around the campfire. Everything is going swimmingly until Derek, one of the counsellors, tells a ghost story that has them leaving the light on when they go to bed. The only problem with the camp is the ghost story actually comes true…


The Bones Of Wrath: Ghosts retails for $2.99


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