My Plans For 2019


They’re pretty much the same as every year, so here goes…


– 1.1 – The paperback version of last year’s stories is done and will be released in March 2019


– 2.1 – Get three stories written up, typed up, edited, and out along with an anthology, and do the e-covers.

– 2.2 – Release all four in October for Halloween.

– 2.3 – Get the paperback version done ready for release next year.


– 3 – Overhaul the website and give it a front page.


Well, that’s it, what are your plans for 2019?


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Happy New 2019


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The Bones Of Wrath:Monsters is here

Monsters; the things we fear most aren’t hidden under the bed


Croc-O-Jaws: Billy Daniels and his family are holidaying at Lake Kirriwaka, the bluest of blue natural lakes, but it holds a long dead secret that’s been spewed from the pits of the earth that only the locals know on an intimate level.


Godjira: While playing it up at Japan’s newest theme park with his twin brother and parents, Dustin Hooper soon finds out what hell on earth actually means when the depths of ancient Japan spits out a creature not seen in centuries.


King of His Castle: Rose and Ricky Thorn may be of rich English decent, but that doesn’t stop them getting into trouble and discovering the secret their great-great-grandfather, Professor Theseus Vessor, discovered nearly two hundred years ago on the family’s very own private island.


Arach No Phobia: Mike and Bobby Codsworth may be twelve year old geniuses, but their love of all things eight legged has gotten them into the biggest trouble they’ve ever been in. Until they come up with a genius level idea to capture the Queen.


Oh, Yet I Did: Ben Watkins and his family are off to find the menace who has been wreaking havoc in the local town of Yarrumburra. The mayor has called in his family to find out what or who is responsible for the town’s crime spree, and Ben and his cousins soon find something more supernatural than a human…


For children aged 12 years plus


The Bones Of Wrath: Monsters retails for $2.99


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Merry Christmas 2018


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It Creeped At Midnight is here!

*to be read third after I Spy With My Little Eye, and Knock, Knock…Who’s Dead?*


It Creeped at Midnight…


Blake Williamson’s stepmother is dead, and his mother has come back to them. Back to confront Melissa and all she knew.


But things aren’t as clear-cut as they seem and Detective Hanahan has his suspicions. When Blake challenges his dad with the truth about Melissa, in front of Hanahan, Michael has no choice but to take a backseat while the detective works it all out.


What really happened that night three years ago when Adalind died?


Hanahan is on the case, and he solves the mystery with the ominous warning to Michael on New Year’s Eve. And then, as the clock starts striking twelve, there are three knocks on the door…


For children aged 12 years plus


It Creeped At Midnight retails for $2.99


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