A Half-Yearly Plan Update


Time for a half-yearly catch up on what’s been done so far this year…


– 1.1 – The paperback version of last year’s stories is done and will be released in March 2019


– 2.1 – Get three stories written up, typed up, edited, and out along with an anthology, and do the e-covers.


– 2.2 – Release all four in October for Halloween.


– 2.3 – Get the paperback version done ready for release next year.


– 3 – Overhaul the website and give it a front page.


So far, last year’s paperback is out and DONE!!!


This year’s stories will be done, hopefully, in July. So I think the only thing that won’t be done by the end of the year will be the website makeover. So…I’m kinda on track…



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