A March Catch-up and My Plans for April 2020


Let’s catch up with March’s plans first…


1 – Release Five Bone on March 19th in paperback.


2 – Finish the other books so they have an April 1 release date. Did you get that date…?


3 – Write April’s blog posts.


4 – Do the one thing that’s most important and that’s to start writing this year’s books.


5 – Continue looking into newsletters and mailing lists.


As you can see, I did two things on the list, partially did one and didn’t do two. I had a perfectly good reason; I ended up in hospital for 12 hours after being in pain for 12 hours and it wacked me around for a week.


I did get story ideas down on paper and have come up with titles etc, and got the proofs of all five Bones in large print, case laminate, and hardcover dust jackets.


Unfortunately the large prints and hardcovers will not be out April 1st after all and the date has been pushed back which is annoying.



Okay, so let’s launch into what I want to do in the month of April…


1 – Finish off the proofs for the large prints and hardcovers and figure out some due date.


2 – Use the upcoming school/easter holidays to really get stuck into writing the new stories.


3 – Continue looking into newsletters and mailing lists.


4 – Write May’s blog posts.


So there you have it, four items for March to do. The list will no doubt get smaller as we move through the year and less and less need to be done. Hopefully the new books will be available soon.



Meanwhile, here’s March in social media photos…




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