T.K. Wrathbone® is a children’s TV show veteran who loves chocolate, pizza, KFC, cheeseburgers, hot fat chips with gravy, puppies and kittens, watching disaster and creature/zombie movies and TV shows, but not at night. She lives in Australia, supports the Cancer Council of Australia, and has fans and followers from all over the world.


T.K. started writing way back in primary school, but only started her book career in 2015 with the release of the first three short stories and anthology. Four new books are released each year and are followed up with the paperback edition. T.K. plans on writing until there are enough stories to fill twelve Bones paperbacks.


T.K.’s a tech-savvy young adult and children’s author who trade marked her name as part of her personal branding image to add to her uniqueness, and is publishing through the biggest online sellers and distributors.



Twitter: twitter.com/tkwrathbone

Facebook: facebook.com/tkwrathbone

Instagram: instagram.com/tkwrathbone

Pinterest: pinterest.com.au/tkwrathbone

Goodreads: goodreads.com/tkwrathbone


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