An April Catch-up and My Plans for May 2020

Let’s catch up with April’s plans first…


1 – Finish off the proofs for the large prints and hardcovers and figure out some due date.


2 – Use the upcoming school/easter holidays to really get stuck into writing the new stories.


3 – Continue looking into newsletters and mailing lists.


4 – Write May’s blog posts.


As you can see, I did one thing on the list. The rest are in the process of.



Okay, so let’s launch into what I want to do in the month of May…


1 – Actually finish off and set the date for the release of the large prints and hardcovers, and then release them.


2 – Do the one thing that’s most important and that’s to keep writing this year’s books.


3 – Continue looking into, although at this point it’s more like look at newsletters and mailing lists.


4 – Write June’s blog posts.


So there you have it, four items for May to do. Hopefully the new books will be available soon.


Meanwhile, here’s April in social media photos…







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