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A Half-Yearly Plan Update

  Time for a half-yearly catch up on what’s been done so far this year…   – 1.1 – The paperback version of last year’s stories is done and will be released in March 2019   – 2.1 – Get … Continue reading

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Not Even Written Yet!

  Blank pages…that’s all I’ve got at the moment.   There is nothing yet written, but the ideas are there, so hopefully, this year’s stories will start to flow this month…otherwise it may be next month…or the month after…or the … Continue reading

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We Are Just a Tiny Speck…

  We are just a tiny speck…   In this great big universe called life…   Stories are a brewing…   Out in October…    

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FOUR: Anthology 4 is now available in paperback!

FOUR: ANTHOLOGY 4 is now available in paperback from Amazon and all bookstores if you order it on! here’s the link to Amazon    

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New T.K. Wrathbone Notebooks and How I Made Them.

  I do love a good notebook, I should, I use them to write my stories in. But recently, I just couldn’t find any appropriate for what I need.    So, I did the next best thing.   I made … Continue reading

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