Here are some fun facts about T.K. and where the titles and ideas came from for her books.


– The idea for the e-book anthologies, The Bones Of Wrathsimply came from the name Wrathbone. And the paperback editions of One Bone, Two Bone, Three Bone, etc, came from the old, one potato, two potato, three potato, four.


– The idea for Next Top Mannequin came from the TV show America’s Next Top Model.


– For Next Top Mannequin T.K. was trying to find a long red hall picture for the cover to signify a scene in the book, but couldn’t, so she went with the mannequin picture instead.


 – Cinderfella & Princess Charming: Witch Hunters was based on a story T.K. wrote in primary school called Cinders and Her Ugly Sisters. She gave it a twist and reversed the roles.


Cinderfella & Princess Charming were originally going to be Alien Hunters. Cinders evil stepmother’s name is Madame Neila, alien backwards, but as the story unfolded she and her two sons became witches. was meant to be a story about what kids face online today. It became quite dark and is rated 15+ for its adult storyline and language.


– The short story of Propheticus Mothimus was given a similar sounding name after The Gladiator character, Maximus Decimus Meridius.


– The idea for Alien Master Cook came from the Masterchef cooking shows.


– The short stories Rat Finks, The Dead People, Hubot, I Am, and The House are all from short stories T.K. wrote in school.


The Orphanage was heavily based off a short story T.K. wrote in school called Trapped. It was lengthened and amped up.


Hantel and Gresel: Food Critics is a twist on the old classic and was hard to write because of the language. Some German needed to be added and the accent had to be heavy. Language in speech is always a hard one to master.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall’s title came immediately upon seeing the photo that was then used for the cover. The idea for the book was original and not based off a story.


– The short story title Sister Madly is from a Crowded House song and is a bit of a twist on the Wakefield twins from the Sweet Valley High series.


– The title ideas for The Haunting of Tiki Island, The Howler and The Shadow Walkers were inspired by R.L. Stine books. T.K. liked the names so much she used them as her titles and gave a small nod to other R.L. titles in The Shadow Walkers.


The three titles of The Howler, Shadow Walkers and Faded are a trilogy and read in this order.


– The story title of Faded came from the Kate DeAraugo song Faded from her first album. T.K. first heard it on TV ads for the Smallville series in Australia and loved it.


I Spy With My Little Eye, Knock, Knock…Who’s Dead are just twists on common phrases. These two, along with It Creeped At Midnight, ended up being a second trilogy of books to be read in order.


The Bones of Wrath: Monsters, was a play on common every day monsters read about in fairy tales. Yetis, King Kong, Giant Spiders, Godzilla, and the ever popular franchises of having two beastly monsters fighting each other, Croc-O-Jaws, which was turned into one monster.


Trick or Treat, All Hallows Possession, They Rise On A Blood Moon, and The Bones Of Wrath: Horrors all have a Halloween theme, hence the need to get them out in the weeks leading up to Halloween. All centre around the usual spooky hallows ghost stories of headless horsemen, singing and dancing jack-o-lanterns, zombies, and all horrors that can befall you on Halloween.


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