New T.K. Wrathbone Notebooks and How I Made Them.


I do love a good notebook, I should, I use them to write my stories in. But recently, I just couldn’t find any appropriate for what I need. 


So, I did the next best thing.


I made them!


Yep, that’s right, I made them.


In the above picture you’ll see the notebooks I recently bought from my local Kmart. I thought they were appropriate since I write about such things as you see on the covers. I bought about 40 of the silver star ones, ans 20 of the campus subject ones.


And what did it cost me?


$1 each.


Yep, $1 per notebook.


The three little ones came in a pack of three for $3.


So below, here’s what I did.


Since I didn’t want the subject inserts, and I needed a certain number of pages in each book, I unfurled the rings slightly, pulled off the cover, pulled out the paper and inserts, and then put back in the right number of pages I required. I then curled up the coil and voila! New, appropriate notebooks.


You can see the inserts below, they’ll be great for others things.


What I did next, was with the star notebooks. Using the same technique of unfurling the coils, I removed both the cover and back and threw out the really bad back covers. All scratched and worn, etc. I then used a front cover on the back, filled it with paper, and added a second cover on the front. That way, it’s stars on both sides.


The books were $1 as the store was trying to sell them off, and many were badly scratched on the back, but by unfurling multiples at a time, I could use two good covers at once.


And now, below, I have two sets of awesome notebooks that should get me through until Bones 12 is written. No more notebooks for T.K.!


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