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End of 2019 Catch Up!



Time for a full year catch up on what’s been done so far this year…


– 1.1 – The paperback version of last year’s stories is done and will be released in March 2019


– 2.1 – Get three stories written up, typed up, edited, and out along with an anthology, and do the e-covers.


– 2.2 – Release all four in October for Halloween.


– 2.3 – Get the paperback version done ready for release next year.


– 3 – Overhaul the website and give it a front page.




The paperback interior is done and just in need of a cover, so is due for release by March 19, 2020 at the latest.


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New Books Are Here for 2019, and some of the older books have updated covers!

First of all, all of this year’s books are out now at all online bookstores, so go and grab them now from Amazon, here’s the link.


Second, some of the older books have had cover updates and the “bookstore” page has been updated with them. If you haven’t got them already, grab them now from Amazon, link here, or go to the “bookstore” page for each books’ buy it now button which will take you to a page where you can pick which store you want to buy from.






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The Bones Of Wrath: Horrors is here!




Horrors; fears that aren’t always as bad as they seem…


Blood Donors Wanted: There’s a monster on the prowl and the local townspeople refuse to walk alone at night for fear of having their throats ripped out. Dr Acula needs his personal supply of life-saving fluid stocked up and needs to make the townspeople trust him enough to give him what he wants. A personal donation…


Dance Night Fright: Westwood High is having its yearly Halloween Dance Night and Brooke Bonefield is confident she’ll be crowned Halloween Queen to Bradford Jennings’ Halloween King. But when the recently deceased decide to spend the night dancing away, it’s not Brooke who’s taking home the crown.


Don’t Scream It’s Over: Banshees are known for their wailing and screaming, so when Eugenie gets her first sore throat in her entire one hundred and three years of life, she freaks herself out, and freaks out further when Dr. Ghoulash informs her that she’s losing the one thing she requires most…


Don’t Feed After Midnight: Ryan Lennon has birthday money burning a hole in his wallet. So when he and his friends go shopping they find a quirky little present in a quirky little shop off a quirky little lane. When the store owner dictates that the rules for the toy must be strictly adhered to or the end of the world will follow, Ryan assures him they will be. But then Ryan never was good at following rules. Will his present cause the end of the world, or is it a case of Jurassic proportions?


Who’s Your WerePuppy?: Randy Bantleroy’s family have opened their castle to tourists to pay for the renovations they can’t afford, but if Randy can find the much talked about Bantleroy treasure, then his family will have all the money they could possibly want and more. But when Halloween arrives, Randy finds there are more secrets in the family than just a long-hidden treasure guarded by a dog…



For children aged 9 years plus


The Bones Of Wrath: Horrors retails for $2.99



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