Plans for the year ahead!

Every year since I’ve been writing, I’ve had plans. Plans for stories I’m going to write, titles that jump out at me, sentences, words etc that inspire something, all in a list of things to write every year.


And so, I’m going to tell you of my plans for 2018.


– 1.1 – Get three stories written up, typed up, edited and out along with an anthology of five short stories. Thank God I’ve already done the e-covers.


– 1.2 – Release all four in the second half of the year.


– 2.1 – Get the paperback version of last year’s stories (Bones 3) done professionally, and it will be out before this year’s new stories.


– 2.2 – I am also updating the first two Bones pbs and will release them under a book imprint during the year.


Not a lot of plans, but considering everything else I do in my life, I’m surprised I even manage to get these done. No clues as to what I’m writing, or even pics of covers, but they will be released through the year as sneaky peeks, so stay tuned.


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